Capital of distant colony_Creating sci-fi city without modeling in Blender 2.81-2.92

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This is full course - great for the beginners. No modelling or difficult topics.

What you'll get with this course:

- 2,5 hours of narrated videos describing whole process creating complex scenes in Blender/Photoshop

- All PSD.(layers) and PNG. final files

- Blender files of final scene and 3d collection of all assets.

- Blender file with clouds and mist

- References and textures that i picked for this project.

Main topics:

- Sketch/Composition

- Creating a big sci-fi scene without Modeling/Texturing in Blender

- Lighting in Eevee/Cycles

This course will be very helpful and easy to follow for the beginners. And i hope some advanced users of Blender might find something interesting too.
Thank you,