3d sketch in Blender 2.81/83

Some additional screenshots from my project. Build your worlds in 3d , and don't need to spend time in Photoshop at all.
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Blender is most powerful and amazing 3d package that i ever tried. In our art/design/concept art industry it is occupying more and more prominent place. Most of my friends- concept artist/ freelancers/art directors in AAA game industry, production designers/concept artist in film industry -all change they workflow and switch to Blender. Because it has most fantastic tools set and way to create your art as a concept artist/illustrator/3d artist.

This is my new full course about creating 3d sketch in Blender/Photoshop. This course created for any levels of Blender students/users. You should to have most basic knowledge about Windows, Blender and Photoshop-how to open file, zoom in\out , pan your camera, save document. All the rest of it I'll show and explain in my course. We will start from most simple elements and at the end will be building whole city with sketch shader on the top.

What you'll get with this course:

- Around 4 hours of fully narrated videos describing whole process creating complex scenes in Blender/Photoshop.

- Blender files

- All PNG. files

- Textures that i created for this project.

Main topics:

- Modeling techniques (From simple to more and more complex)

- Making your own right textures in Photoshop

- Sketch shader that makes any model looks like 2d image

- Creating a whole big City scene

- Lighting in Eevee

This course will be very helpful and easy to follow for the beginners. And i hope some advanced users of Blender might find something interesting too.

Thank you,

I would like to say HUGE thanks to my friends Adriaan Stam https://www.artstation.com/parthianshot
and LLoyd Allan https://www.artstation.com/lloydallan
for their great help and support with my project.