Megacity 4. Evee tests. Blender tutorial

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My quick Evee tests and one sketch. This sketch was one of my try may be to use more "sketch" technique for final artworks. This idea didn't fully work for me, so i decided to keep bit more realistic style. Hope you like it any way.
This is my full course about creating Megacity in Blender/Photoshop.

What you'll get with this course:
- More than 3 hours of narrated videos describing whole process creating complex scenes in Blender/Photoshop
- All PSD.(layers) and PNG. files
- Blender files
- References and textures that i picked for this project.

Main topics:
- Sketch/Composition
- How and where to find right textures
- Modeling/Texturing (Blender)
- Creating a whole big scene
- Lighting in Eevee/Cycles
- Render passes

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