Leviathan's roe plunder (Returning)

"Leviathan's roe plunder"
Big crab-like machines and ocean plunderer divers working together to capture treasures of the ocean: Leviathan's roe.

This series of artwork was created as a collaboration with Huion company. My main goal was to create art that align with the Huion brand's mission and vision to support artists around the world. I had a chance to test Kamvas Pro 24 (4K). Flagship pen display with a large 24" screen can effectively reduce the frequency of zoom in/out of the canvas and switch from different windows to highly enhance your productivity. Additionally, it is featured with 4K resolution, HDR function and many other features to ensure professional artists easily immerse in the creation. QLED screen is just magnificent! Its contrast and brightness help to bring all details of your artwork to the highest level.

please check out Huion's official website for all details and a great Winter sale!

thanks to my buddy Lloyd for the initial idea for this series.