The Return (Building a Castle)

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Haven’t decided from the very begging what I want show at the first place- group of travelers coming back from long journey or processes of contraction huge castle. So decided to keep the both names.
Originally this artwork and a lot of additional WIP, videos and animations should be used for real-life workshops that we planned to organize with my great friend Boon Chua. My topic was about using SketchUp for creating scene and environment for video games projects. And main focus had to be on 3d, so this actual 2d artwork just the tip of the iceberg. Because our event did not happened I decided to post at least final illustration.
I want to express my gratitude and say thanks my best friends- Adriaan Stam(, Erik van Helvoirt(, llooyd Allan( , Luc de Haan( for great advices and support.